About Us

The it! Story

For many years Karen would make a delicious treat for her family and friends. At the time this treat was admirably referred to as “Marshmallow Madness.” Over the years she would bring it with her to work for her coworkers to try. It was at that point that a dear friend told her she should package and sell this amazing creation. So in 2012, after waitressing for 30 plus years Karen decided to take a leap of faith and open her own candy store, selling an evolved version of her original marshmallow madness. This evolved version is what is now widely known and loved as ‘it!”

Being a mother of 3 Karen knew the importance of having options available to those with food sensitivities. This is what prompted Karen to make sure that it! Candy could be enjoyed by everyone, as a result it! comes in many forms. In our pleasant and welcoming store in quaint Forestville, CT we have our original, gluten free, sugar free and vegan candy available at all times. By special order we have gluten free vegan, gluten free sugar free, peanut free, carrigean free, gluten free peanut free and sugar free peanut free available.


How it! Works

it! Candy is sold by the dozen.

We offer the simplicity of one click shopping when you want a dozen of a single version of it! or our premade mixed bag, “A Taste of it!”

Additionally, we offer the experience of building your own dozen. These can be a mixed dozen or a dozen of all the same customized candies. This option allows you to choose the base, then the chocolate and lastly the toppings.

Notice: For the safety of our customers we ask that each individual dozen have the same candy base.

This is it!

We start the process of making it! by creating a smooth and creamy blend of chocolate and peanut butter. For the crunch factor we pour in crisp rice and to finish off the batch we mix in tiny sweet marshmallows. Together they create the most wonderfully light and popable treat you can imagine.
Each candy is hand scooped, dipped and drizzled in a variety of chocolates. As if it could get any better, it! does. The final step in creating it! is to add an additional level of palette pleasing flavors and textures. Examples of these additional toppings range from potato chips, caramel, cookies to fresh fruit, nuts and bacon. The list is endless, if you love it, we can dip it! in it.
At it! we have our most popular versions available at all times, however we encourage our customers to customize it! to suit their own personal taste.
We know that you love it! as much as we do!

Party Favors – Events – Cakes

Can’t figure out the perfect treat for you next special occasion? Give it! a try.

For all custom orders, please call us or stop in to share your vision with us!

Wholesale Inquiries

We believe everyone should have a chance to try it!, and what better way than business to business exposure! If you’re interested in buying our product for wholesale, call us or stop in to meet your future candy supplier!